China Grove - House District 76

Catch the spirit of the 76th! Our new NC House District 76 is made up of eight unique communities. Today, we’re highlighting China Grove!

China Grove holds very dear memories for me. It is the birthplace of my paternal great-great- grandparents, my great-grandparents, my grandparents and my father. My father was born on our family farm — now a housing development and golf course not far from Five Forks — and lived there until his death in 1983. I had two favorite spots on the farm; one was sitting among the branches of the Crepe Myrtle tree. The other was the view from my bedroom window where I could look down into the front yard and see the dirt road that came right beside the house.

My children, with the exception of the youngest, spent many happy days in China Grove playing in the yard, rummaging through the old barn, exploring the woods, working in the garden and sitting by the fireplace in the old farm house.

Growing up, I loved going to China Grove Drug, Goodman Farm Supply and the China Grove Roller Mill. These special places impressed upon me a deep understanding of the importance to a community of local, family-run businesses. Businesses that have been in families for generations. I will always cherish the people who owned and worked in those businesses, then and now.

When I’m in Raleigh in the NC House fighting for everyday people, the 76ers in China Grove can rest assured I will work hard to preserve, protect and promote wholesome China Grove values of faith, family, work and hearth. 💙💛

Early Voting Oct. 15-31 | Election Day Nov. 3