Granite Quarry - House District 76

Catch the Spirit of the 76th! Today we’re highlighting Granite Quarry, one of eight unique communities in our new NC House District 76. Like so many great places in the 76th, Granite Quarry has an intriguing history. I discovered the wonders of this town while serving Granite Quarry Elementary School as their English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) teacher.

I adore the view from Dunn’s Mountain, and I remember the first time I visited the rock quarry. I was absolutely fascinated! Every town has a story, but Granite Quarry has its own stone cold truth; their beautifully unique pink granite. This is a signature look in the 76th. A historical example of pink granite is evident today in the Old Stone House.

Another beautiful use of the pink granite is in the Shuford Memorial Elementary School. This site was formerly known as the Granite Quarry Colored School and was built by volunteers. It was financed by Labor Relief Funds and the granite was donated. The school was renamed in honor of Clarence Jay Shuford, Jr. who served as principal from 1951-1965. I have the honor of knowing his son, the Rev. Clarence Shuford III. What a blessing to have his guidance and mentorship on issues of social justice!

Here’s another stone cold truth; as your representative in the NC General Assembly, I will fight for your quality of life and your right to liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness!💙💛
Early Voting Oct. 15-31 | Election Day Nov. 3